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About us

Water likes to flow – but we don't like standing still.

The optimal solution for every customer, every project and every new challenge: this is TAGU's claim, motivation and proven advantage.

TAGU: a story with depth.

Having been founded in 1927 as Tiefbau Aktiengesellschaft Unterweser, TAGU was confidently awarded its first major construction contract just two years later: the reinforcement and modernisation of the pier facilities in Nordenham on the Lower Weser river. Following the convincing completion of this project, the young company soon developed beyond the Wesermarsch region and in the process – especially thanks to a large number of commissioned dyke works – recorded a strong increase in the number of employees on its books.

At the beginning of the 1970s, a wise decision was taken to successfully integrate into the long-established Oldenburg-based Ludwig Freytag group of companies. Within this strong group, which is active in civil engineering, turnkey construction and pipeline and plant construction, TAGU now also brings its capabilities to bear in joint ventures that lead vastly differing projects to success in an optimally co-ordinated manner – the construction of the Hunte barrage being a good example of this.

Other important milestones in TAGU’s history have been the expansion of the portfolio to include special foundation engineering (since 1990), the partnership with the world’s leading steel sheet piling manufacturer, ArcelorMittal (since 2005), and the successive expansion of activities in other European countries. This has led, for example, to the construction of an approximately 800 metre long quay for the port of Odessa (Ukraine) in 2010 and the construction of a quay of around 400 metres in length in Montego Bay (Jamaica) in 2019.

And last but not least, TAGU’s special expertise in the field of sea pontoons deserves a brief mention here. With the already very versatile “Nostag 10” barge having served us excellently for many years, in 2014 the “Vetag 8” joined the crew, and thanks to its extremely shallow draught of a maximum of 1.40 m, has provided us with almost unlimited possibilities. Take advantage of this!

Qualified and certified

Those who want to know exactly what our professional qualifications never need – unlike us – to look far. Because no matter whether TÜV, DVS, GSI-SLV or PQ: thanks to our special expertise, we have no lack of informative certificates, which you can also easily view here.

Riding high.

Within its industry, TAGU offers an exceptionally wide spectrum of services. Our major areas of activity are:

  • Port and hydraulic engineering
  • Waterway construction
  • Special foundation engineering
  • Offshore construction and services
  • Equipment fleet
  • Revetment sealing

Ludwig Freytag Group of Companies

TAGU: Strong partner of a strong association.

Innovative by tradition

When Ludwig Freytag founded his construction company in Oldenburg in 1891, he was already committed to the goal of offering complete construction services. Experience, a feel for quality and solidity characterised his work and that of subsequent generations in a large number of construction projects undertaken in northern Germany.

Today, the Ludwig Freytag Group is active in several highly specialised business fields. At the same time, it also implements all-inclusive solutions ranging from planning and turnkey completion through to support and maintenance for construction projects of various types and sizes. The Oldenburg headquarters is where the threads of a wide-ranging network of companies with branches, subsidiaries and affiliated companies come together to ensure expertise and proximity to customers.

TAGU is proud to be part of this successful company history. At the same time, this provides an incentive and an obligation for us to continue to make valuable contributions by means of providing convincing services.

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