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Water is our element.
Quality is our passion.

Founded back in1927, as a company involved in hydraulic engineering and offshore services we have just the right experience, reliability and expertise to bring even the most demanding projects to a successful conclusion.

We are able to rely on highly-trained, well-motivated employees and a modern, comprehensive range of equipment as well as on the project-dependent recourse to the range of services of other specialist companies within the renowned Ludwig Freytag Group. For our benefit – and yours.

About us


180 m rückverankerte Wellenwand mit Vergurtung Neubau der Kaje 82, Bremerhaven
Period: 04/2021 – 01/2022
Herstellung einer ca. 620 m langen, kombinierten und rückverankerten Spundwand Neubau der Columbuskaje (1./2. BA), Bremerhaven
Period: 06/2021 – 08/2023

TAGU in 25 frames per second.

What does TAGU do, what does it stand for, what makes it stand out? In just four minutes, you’ll get plenty of good answers to these questions.

4 minutes

Civil engineering needs specialists

Even if our industry often involves us working with supposedly “simple” things like water and sand: our employees are highly-specialised professionals who are in great demand and whom we hold in particularly high regard. So be sure to keep TAGU in mind when planning your career!